I am a cloud ?

Yes, right now login in with MetaChat you might appear as a cloud.

I´ve tried other viewers not based on LL source code (e.g. Radegast) and it´s like that for all.

Something with the inventory/rendering has changed.

I´m working on bringing you back as a “human” or whatever you prefer.

MetaChat, Radegast …. are not based on LL source code, they all have to try and fail after changes to the servers/clients have made. This might be due to BOM, EEP or one of the few internal changes.

Because Apples store team will go on holidays (or this year just take a break from being home with being home) the next update might be in January.

Happy time and a great start into 2021, may it be a better one (it´s not that hard because 2020 was really …)

Clear things a bit …

I understand that some of you are really mad about what happened, but threatening me or my family doesn´t take you anywhere just show what kind of person you are.

Now back to topic:

LL stating on their website that this happened due to a bug in MetaChat´s latest update.

Well the last update was on September 24th 2020. Clearly this was not the apps fault.
The problem appeard to me first around 24th, 25th November.

Version 1.2.9117

BuildUpload DateApp Store Status
 2.0Sep 24, 2020 at 9:01 PM

Something on the server side (or linking pages to the cloud, the asset servers ….) has changed.
Of course LL has no obligation whatsoever to inform others about changes. It´s their server, software, product… !

Anyway i feel sorry for the inconvinience and/or problems caused but i´m not guilty for the end of your life or ruined anything. LL should be able to remove the unneeded “current outfit” folders and thats it.

Nothing else happened.

Sorry for that …

Look a few sims, no idea which and why, rejected the LLSD login and wanted to use the ancient XML-RPC.

Due to this friends and inventory where not loaded and – really bad – lots of empty current outfit folders created.

Version 1.2.9118 is ready for approval by apple and fixes this

Despite our best ….

At the moment SL suffers from login problems.
This is not a viewer problem because the servers just deny a connection.

MetaChat will adapt to this problem and show a more meaningful error message with the next update. Fingers crossed it´s not needed anymore.

Sometimes simply try to login again works or just keep trying.

This might be related to moving servers to the cloud or other internal stuff and hopefully fixed soon !

Version 1.2.9117 ready for approval

The current – ongoing – situation is not easy for a lot of us and with the changes

SL: moving to the cloud …

apple: new iOS new requirements for release apps …

it took some time to get his update ready.

What´s new ?

Spinning sign to show accounts are loaded … please wait

FIXED: chat log not stored because of SQLite connection parameters changed
FIXED: sometimes images in inventory not shown
FIXED: if simulator refuse udp connection do not exit the app

The good and the bad …

Because chat-logs can grown quick and big iCloud started to deny saving them.

Right now chat-logs cannot be stored, nor local or on cloud.

Good ?

Because i could solve the problem with apple approval, next update will solve this problem.

OMG – finally

Finally Version 1.2.9116 was approved by apple and is ready for update/sale.

This was a bumpy ride but with some help and understanding at apples side we managed to solve all problems concerning release.

IMPORTANT: Do not try login to SL/Opengrid using a VPN.

In this version the app checks if your TCP and UDP connection works with the SL servers BEFORE you try to login.

Fixed: background message settings were not saved in cloud

Fixed: message counter not shown because of cloud bug

Friendlist: using apple event handler to fetch friends -> faster and stable

Accounts and settings can be uploaded to iCloud and used across all your devices

All chats: fixed crash when messages coming in too fast (known issue even with older SL viewers)

Fixed: typing indicator didn´t work sometimes

MAP: teleport/walk to- works more reliable

And lots more updates/add-ons and fixes…

Thanks for your patience and be ready for more updates !

And again “rejected” …

Looks that apple uses a very restrictive internet connection that block UDP packets (maybe a VPN ? a firewall ? no one knows).

The app-tester is unable to connect to SL.
While this was working for about 3 years it looks working from home changed the network setup used on their side.

All explanations and links to SL blog pages explaining the ports that have to be open for connect (completely ignored by them) they insist on changing the setup.

The login setup for SL is fixed for about 17 years now, no real updates or changes and the way to connect is server-side, out of my control.

The last hope now is to get an apple technician (a service that i have to pay for) to check the issue and hopefully tell the review team what they do wrong.

The “normal” review process might start somewhere around october 2020. That´s when most of this companies want to go back to office work. – fingers crossed.

Having troubles to connect too ?

Do not use VPNs they tend to block UDP connections

Connecting from a school/company network ?
You might be out of luck because of the restrictive firewall settings used