Version 1.2.9131 ready for approval

This update is mainly for OpenSim users, to re-enable login and fix some smaller problems.

  • login to OSGrid fixed (visual appearance not working)
  • update to the item worn/attached system (server side bake)
  • upload image: iOS14 way to use fullscreen preview
  • upload image: show busy symbol while uploading
  • all chats: check more often if an external keyboard is connected and enable/disable the key

Testing took longer this time because login to OpenSims is trial and error.

Wish you all a happy easter weekend, no matter if you celebrate it or just can have some days off.

Next update will be for all users again.

OSGrid login problems


Found the problem, quicker than i thought. Now working to get this approved by Apple.
The login uri for OSGrid is not http!s! and Apple does not allow accessing non secure web-pages but …
Trying to get the update through as fast as possible

There are still the known problems using MetaChat to login OSGrids:
– avatars not rezzing fully
– some avatar lists load very slow or never
Some can be resolved others never because SL moved too far away from OSGrid(s)

A user reported that logins to OSGrid simulators fail with a message reporting problems with DTD.

This security layer for XML is heavily discussed by specialists.

Investigating the problems with this are not easy because OSGrids use several different server software versions, incompatible with the current SL protocols.

This results in searching 1000s of line of code, not written by me to find a solution.

The next update will, hopefully, fix this but there is no date available.

Version 1.2.9130 ready for approval

  • cache directory relocated to new iOS cache location
    iOS now uses a different location for caches
  • chats (local, IM, group) text input box updated to show with keyboard
    sometimes the text input box in chats vanished and made typing impossible
    now using a fallback method to make sure it stays on top
  • upload images (images must have aspect ratio: 1:1 or power of 1:2 !)
    uploading of image from the iDevice
    images are scaled down to 512*512/1024*1024 or ratio power of 2
    the default images taken with iDevices might appear stretched in width or height
    this can only be prevented if they are edited on your device to match the ratio
  • UI updates to match screen sizes for all devices
  • Inventory: some folders are now hidden because they cannot be used in this app
    Merchant outbox, Received items … this folders have no use and could lead to malfunctions
  • Inventory: Item SendTo re-added back to inventory method
  • handling of external keyboards improved
  • update codebase + fixed some common problems
    Matching new c#, mono and Visual Studio versions with coding regulations

Version 1.2.9120

Mostly internal updates to work with the cloud servers

  • catch errors when sim goes down to avoid crash
  • updated inventory fetching to cloud-inventory (LL server-certificate is self signed)
  • accept new useless network answers from cloud-servers (accept OK answers without content)


  • links are showing permissions/data from the source object (new cloud links)
  • worn objects show correct remove/detach button

2021 – new year old §$%

Hope you all are ok and still can handle the paused life situation.

Investigating problems showing the current worn items is missing items

It seems system/texture clothes cannot be worn from within the app because of SSL problems with the Cloud-servers sending a wrong/faulty SSL certificate

I am a cloud ?

Yes, right now login in with MetaChat you might appear as a cloud.

I´ve tried other viewers not based on LL source code (e.g. Radegast) and it´s like that for all.

Something with the inventory/rendering has changed.

I´m working on bringing you back as a “human” or whatever you prefer.

MetaChat, Radegast …. are not based on LL source code, they all have to try and fail after changes to the servers/clients have made. This might be due to BOM, EEP or one of the few internal changes.

Because Apples store team will go on holidays (or this year just take a break from being home with being home) the next update might be in January.

Happy time and a great start into 2021, may it be a better one (it´s not that hard because 2020 was really …)

Clear things a bit …

I understand that some of you are really mad about what happened, but threatening me or my family doesn´t take you anywhere just show what kind of person you are.

Now back to topic:

LL stating on their website that this happened due to a bug in MetaChat´s latest update.

Well the last update was on September 24th 2020. Clearly this was not the apps fault.
The problem appeard to me first around 24th, 25th November.

Version 1.2.9117

BuildUpload DateApp Store Status
 2.0Sep 24, 2020 at 9:01 PM

Something on the server side (or linking pages to the cloud, the asset servers ….) has changed.
Of course LL has no obligation whatsoever to inform others about changes. It´s their server, software, product… !

Anyway i feel sorry for the inconvinience and/or problems caused but i´m not guilty for the end of your life or ruined anything. LL should be able to remove the unneeded “current outfit” folders and thats it.

Nothing else happened.

Sorry for that …

Look a few sims, no idea which and why, rejected the LLSD login and wanted to use the ancient XML-RPC.

Due to this friends and inventory where not loaded and – really bad – lots of empty current outfit folders created.

Version 1.2.9118 is ready for approval by apple and fixes this