Status update

I am aware of some problems you have but:

The last rejection by apple gone haywire.

They tried to wear a body already wearing one and only on his device this caused a crash.
Because it works on 5! real devices i use there is no way to fix a nonexistent problem.

They want users to accept the TOS on each login ? because you cannot create an account inside the app only add. We all accepted the TOS on creating an account in the grid(s) we use.

Another topic is to report/ban users. I as the creator of the app must ban users from accessing the grid(s) within 24 hours. While i cannot ban users from any grid, we all know that e.g. LL needs at least a week to think about banning.

Besides some other minor issues i might be able to fix in contacting the review team they found the function to send/receive money.

Now if apps able to send/receive virtual money that could/can/will be converted to real money, apple wants a share on that. But in this case the app/me is not involved in these transactions and inside the app you have no way to do.

Fingers crossed i can explain the problems and clear them.


This will be a longer one …

Apple rejected the app with the following message:

Guideline 1.2 – Safety – User Generated Content

Your app enables users to post content anonymously but does not have the proper precautions in place.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please revise your app to implement all of the following precautions:

– Require that users agree to terms (EULA) and these terms must make it clear that there is no tolerance for objectionable content or abusive users
– A method for filtering objectionable content
– A mechanism for users to flag objectionable content
– A mechanism for users to block abusive users
– A mechanism for users to immediately remove posts from the feed
– Developer must act on objectionable content reports within 24 hours by removing the content and ejecting the user who provided the offending content
– Developer must provide contact information in the app itself, giving users the ability to report inappropriate activity



This is a though one because i have no control over the LL servers.

Not even iMessage filters content so why MetaChat ?

Grrrr again !

It´s 30 ° C everyone is outside BBQ, swimming … while i was working till midnight to upload the new version to fix the map bug aaaand  –  rejected because of the reference to the word beta.

C´mon apple, i thought we went through this often enough. It´s a product name not MetaChat offering beta features. “Second Life Beta Grid”

This somehow kills the fun of releasing apps !

Hotfix if you receive the IM bug:

Go to setting->Manage chat history and delete all files there.

With adding “conference” – “multi avatar chat” it looks the files turned corrupted.

Anyhow, wish you all have a great time, enjoy the wonderful weather – at least here in europe 😉 (don´t ask for rain, it will come and as usual stay for weeks)

Recent bugs – reported by users

After the last update there are some reports about crashes when working with IMs and/or opening the map view.

If you always crash on opening IMs please delete the chat-history in
settings -> manage chat history

Because the update didn´t touch the net code for IM handling it´s a guessing game that either the server code changed or sending IMs between different server versions break things.

If you want to help tracking bugs – not only the current – please enable “sending crash reports to apple and developers”. It cost you nothing and this reports are completely anonymous, not even your IP is send.
Crash reports contain the device used and where in the app the crash happens. Nothing more ! They are very cryptic and hard to read but still help me to make the app better and more stable.



Since last update there are user reports about crashing while using the map.

While there are no changes made to this code the differenet server-versions used on the grid can always break things without warning.

Users encounter this bug please do not use the map feature – working on a fix !

1.2.701 ready for approval

  • removed bug in accept teleport offers due to RLV limits
  • working on problems to be irresponsible after teleport
  • removed dead code
  • replaced deprecated code with updated versions
  • removed useless security checks from login code (code not supported by LL anymore)
  • avatar distance calculation updated to a faster and 3d version


  • minor bugs removed
  • CONFERENCE CHAT: join chat with a group of avatars


  • UI rework to fit on the iPhone X screen


  • adjusted save/load functions: add new conference format


  • removed bug that calculated the distance to avatars beyond 1020 m height wrong

The distance bug / update

EDIT: Nevermind i got it !

With the hacky way of treating avatars as objects, don´t be offended, now the distance should show right in mapchat and mapview


Hopefully you know that in mapchat (open chat), touching the header-bar opens a list of avatars around you, showing their distance.

A user reported that sometimes this values are totally absurd.

The problem is:

  • LL servers gives the height as a byte.
  • Bytes are 0 – 255
  • 255 * 4 = 1020 (convert byte to integer)

1020 m is the maximum height to be calculated – for now.

Working hard to fix the issue but thats deep inside the connection protocol created years back while i´m trying to release another update this week.