Version 1.2.9108 ready for approval

– first adjustments to the UI for iOS13

– improved network checking/handling

– overall bug-fixes and speed improvements

– UI adjustment for username

– whole new UI code to work with IOS13

The app is not fully ready for iOS13 because the OS and the developer tools are still in beta and functions can/will change before release.


News 08

A new/updated page for solving the most common problems is available:


What will come:

Next version has some updates for the upcoming iOS 13 – more will come,

8000+ lines of code where changed to speed up the list processing, most of what the app is doing all time. Speed increased 10 to 20 % overall.

The avatars near me list in map-view can now be scrolled down all the way


As always, please keep in mind that crashes and lost messages … are usually related to your network connection.

SL servers are made for wired connection and absolutely NOT for mobiles.

There are already some reports  from people using a desktop and wired connection because providers locked their internet or slowed it down because of SL. (Just search the LL – SL forum)


Found a bug missing a feature use this page or the in-app form to send me an email.

I won´t reply soon because my time is limited and if there is a request  i need to evaluate to problem/possibility before answer.

Update 1.2.9106 waiting for approval

A long wanted feature – uploading pictures – is still on the list. SL uses the commercial Kakadu library with huge license fees (1000 $/year)
Free libraries are not available for iOS devices (yet)

Current problems with SL and the new offline message cap limits are server side. Servers sometimes suddenly stop transmitting when hitting this limits. (working on)

  • Connection less sensitive about network problems (can slow down the app)
  • Workaround for crash during send/receive message should be cleared (bug in MySQL)


  • fixed crash when walk outside simulator borders
  • fly doesn´t shoot you into oblivion, hold the button goes up – release stay at this height


  • open chat does not scroll to bottom at incoming messages or when switch to chat window
  • incoming message from Security Orbs, Vendors showing UUID are translated into usernames
    “Report from secondlife:///app/agent/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx/agent sent” translates
    “Report from John Doe sent”


  • muted GroupIM are not displayed anymore


  • fixed: after start all unread messages where loaded but not announced (badge counter)

Knock Knock …

IOS 13 is at the door – later this year

While a new OS always brings some changes developers have to adapt, iOS 13 will have one major difference.

There will be iOS 13 for iPhones and one for iPads (with unique features). Because there is no chance to test this features without a dedicated machine and device the update can bring up some pitfalls no one – without a magical tool – will know.

Next update (for iOS 11 and 12) will come very soon, addressing some bugs reported from users (especially one with outstanding clear and helpful reports and suggestions).
The network code became another clean-up but still – the app cannot work with weak and switching networks because SL/OpenGrid servers are not designed for.

Stay tuned …

Update 1.2.9105 ready for approval

Sorry this update was delayed because Microsoft updated Visual Studio and that broke some of the “ancient” web connection SL servers use for the connection.
Had to make a complete rollback and re-invent the “wheel”.

  • adjusted icons sizes for smaller devices


  • switch between mapview and landmarks
    in mapview the simwide avatars are visible (scrollable list)
    select an avatar in avatarlist marks it on the map
  • rearranged view to make room for dual list


  • could not load worn tab in inventory, solved


  • sometimes did not work, was related to “current outfit folder”


  • title can only be changed in active group

Status about current problems

There are some problems with the latest switch to the new inventory protocol.

Overall the inventory loads much faster but as a side-effect the “WORN” tab in inventory leads to a crash.

The same protocol that uses the extended IM protocol leads to not loading some IMs correct.

This problems are under inspection and a new update will be out asap.

SL/OpenSim protocols are not documented there are no messages about changes and there is no help how to use. Sometimes that leads to unexpected errors.

Update 1.2.9104

Sorry but 1.2.9104 got rejected and about some family drama i didn´t notice.

This time the update is big because the whole code (and the libraries – around 60.000 lines of code) where checked with external testing-tools.

One thing: There is no mobile SL/Opensim. MetaChat is a viewer like any other PC viewer with the same system requirements (network ….) it just runs on mobile devices. Switching cells, unstable (packet loss) connections cannot be supported. This is a server side requirement.


  • improved “server disconnect” detection


  • loading friendlist set waittime from 60 seconds to 100 for slower connections
  • use cached textures to increase loading speed of friends and profiles


  • waittime for UUID set from 10 to 30 seconds for slower connections


  • double check the UUID for receiver
  • added extendedIMformat description
  • timing for typing start/stop adjusted
  • problem with delete IMs solved


  • increased loading speed of group-profile
  • CRITICAL PROBLEM: count of unread IMs calculated wrong while in GroupsView, resolved


  • use cached textures to increase loading speed of friends and profiles


  • limiting the password to 16 chacters (SL servers do not accept more)
  • check password for spaces (not allowed)