Hotfix for messages received while offline

There is an update coming soon ?!? to receive offline message at login.

Due to different server versions run on the grid, this messages didn´t load.


Update to 1.2.800 ready for approval

– Chats use SEND button and ignores the return key like other chat apps (user requested)

– handling incoming IM different on startup and during run
  (if you are having problems receiving IM please backup/delete the history files
  and disable save chat history)

– Message bar now works in portrait and Landscape

– MapChat
  – Table NearMe must be an overlay (covers top chat entries)
  – Table NearMe works in landscape and portrait
– Friendlist loading speed up (above 80 the server throttles loading)

– new menu entry Privacy = what is stored and what happens with my data

– removed obsolete structures and functions for more speed and reliability

– fixed a problem with IM and RLV

– preparations for UI/message localization

– update all UI icons to fit all screen sizes


Last testing before the new update did show some problems with sending/receiving IMs right after login. The servers do not send the IMs fast enough and so they are stored until next login.

The new load friendlist function kills the update displaynames function

Sorry, for the delay but : working on 🙂

Coming soon …

Next update will again address the issue with IMs some people have. Reducing the load/save commands and check for non-existing files because iOS has some serious problems with file handling.

Long awaited feature from users:

Ignore the return button in chats and use a send button like most all messaging apps.

The return button now has no more function because MetaChat cannot send a newline command to the SL servers.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation) - 2018-09-07 at 20.52.03.png

It´s weekend so hopefully around monday the update is ready to be uploaded for review.

A new menu entry “privacy” was added on apples request. It explains the handling of your data used in the app.

Inbetween news

Just posting whats going on now the 2 weeks break forced by apple is over.

During that time i tried to find the cause some people have with IMs. Some 100s logins with waiting IMs later using iOS 12 beta i finally could raise the error. Only once.

It looks iOS has problems with open files, where MetaChat stores the chat-logs and offline/unread IMs. It´s even worse that it ignores all my error catching.

First i removed all the error-catching routines, that slow down the app and rewrote all the functions to write/read from the text files. The update is still not ready because i want to check how the app works with iOS 12.

iOS 12: at least the beta introduce a feature to start apps faster. This feature starts apps faster but make the stuck after load. Hopefully this is fixed on release.



If you are unhappy with the app do not only leave a bad review, send an email to me why you are unsatisfied.

I cannot fix the logout on background problem, thats apples job.

Help wanted

If anyone could compile the openjpeg library for Xamarin-iOS and make it work ! please contact me if you like. This library is needed for all further plans but i struggle to make it run.

Bad reviews about logouts

Lately there where lots of bad reviews about being disconnected if the app goes to background.

First, please read the description before buy, it clearly states that the app cannot run in the background.

Second, apple does not allow apps to run in the background. All connections are cut and the app goes into hold mode.

To make the app stay connected (or at least receive messages) the server software had to be changed and thats out of my control.


Is it Christmas already ?

Geez what a surprise.

Today after 2 weeks of silence from apple, they put the app on sale again.

I´m glad people there are thinking humans and even with a slight delay everything worked out good.

Now back to work and prepare the updates.