Version 1.2.9135 waiting for approval

This comes with a hotfix to solve the logins problems

Will monitor if this breaks other feature but looks promising for now (next version coming soon with improved handling of the updates login protocol)

  • fixed: problem after viewing profile, Tabs are mixed up related to iOS15
  • fixed: small problem with a crash at forced logouts
  • setting a viewer ID to clearly authenticate to the servers

Version 1.2.9134 waiting for review

  • fixed: group messages display on startup
  • fixed: ignore “ghost”-IM with no text
  • fixed: show “ACTIVE” in group when this group is selected
  • fixed: not loading actual “Message of the day”
  • update: iOS 15 compatibililty
  • new: new screen size for new device
  • new: handling sim-wide messages as popups
  • new: on logout clearing database from ghost IMs

overall improvements for speed and stability

Making the app iOS 15 compatible is not as easy as it seems because the rendering of menu-bars, tables and such are now completely different. Working on it !

iOS 15

Because of all the changes/updates and problems with iOS15 and the new devices (mainly screen size changes on aspect ratio …) the next update will be delayed until Apple and Microsoft have ironed out the problems.

Right now under iOS 15 tables will be shown “weird” and the icon bar on the bottom screen turns into funny colors on some devices.

Fixes for this and other problems are announced around October, 8 and after testing, the update will be released ASAP.

1.2.9133 ready for approval

  • fixed: UI problems on “Add account” page
  • added: accessibility descriptions (used by voice-over …)
  • fixed: did not show all group-notices on login

It´s been a long time but life was/is busy (nasty) and testing new features takes many hours.

The next update is already in the works and hopefully is ready soon.

Grr not again

Apples auto-layout has got me again.

Some buttons on account-creation are not visible because they where moved out of the view.

This will be fixed with the next update (and ruined again shortly after with apple updating XCode…)

Next update is about overall fixes and add-on for accessibility featues like voice-over.

Problems with portrait/landscape mode

Thanks to a user, it looks iOS auto-layout has a problem and in Landscape mode (only available on iPads) some of the elements are not visible.

I will work on removing auto-layout and replace it with the manual positioning of elements. This will take a moment because it has to be tested on the x available screen-sizes (for lots of devices i do not own).

Version 1.2.9132 ready for approval/release

  • MapView: show all landmarks, in landmarks folder, recursive (sub-folders …)
  • AroundMe: shows all objects sorted ascending by distance
    objects can be
    – walked/teleported to
    – sit on
    – touched *
  • Settings: new setting for auto accept all inventory offers
  • Messages from object now being decoded and shown in LocalChat

Overall updates for speed and stability

* Not all dialogues will be show, some vendors using scripts reaching out to 3rd party web-servers or alike
this is not supported (and apple won´t allow this re-directing anyway)

Update ???

Well …

Coding … done
debug versions … done
simulator versions … done

Ok, ready to test the release on my regular iPhone but ! first update the developer certificates because they did run out this month.

Right, connected my iPhone, set profiles for development and ????

The iPhone screen zoomed to 3 letters and the device started to talk (Voice over from accessibility mode). Suddenly it started to tell me all button and texts on screen, faster and faster and all of a sudden the screen went black.

Nothing helped reset “cold reset”, the iPhone was working but with a black screen.

Finally i had to factory reset it. But hey, we all have an iCloud backup to get our stuff back.
Yes, but not me this time. The last available backup was from March, 2020; that was when i got the new iPhone.
Means, the backup was from a virgin iPhone 11 – useless.

Over a year the iCloud memory was to full to backup and not a single message to tell me about. Only after restore i got a handy message to tell me to buy more storage ! Tooooo late apple.

TLDR; when i have my phone halfway restored with all needed apps the last test will start and the update will be released very soon.

PS: god i am so happy to not store my passwords online. Good old paper 🙂

Version 1.2.9131 ready for approval

This update is mainly for OpenSim users, to re-enable login and fix some smaller problems.

  • login to OSGrid fixed (visual appearance not working)
  • update to the item worn/attached system (server side bake)
  • upload image: iOS14 way to use fullscreen preview
  • upload image: show busy symbol while uploading
  • all chats: check more often if an external keyboard is connected and enable/disable the key

Testing took longer this time because login to OpenSims is trial and error.

Wish you all a happy easter weekend, no matter if you celebrate it or just can have some days off.

Next update will be for all users again.