New update ready for approval

Doubled, not received or delayed messages are an old/known server-side issue

A small group of users having problems using IMs (less than 2 %). At the moment there are several reports about issues with IMs and teleports around the SL grid.

Please set off all apps running in the background using your internet connection. Especially downloading/streaming music or apps, documents can use all the available ports on mobile devices. SL is a very hardware hungry environment !

Be aware that MetaChat cannot correct bugs made by the servers or caused by the use of non-supported viewers, sending unsupported characters, append items to messages or the use of jailbroken devices.

Under the hood changes for more stability and speed

  • adjust cache size to free device storage
  • adjust max concurrent network connections to device network


  • updated RLVreceive functions


  • more error-catching routines for: empty, wrong delivered or extended IMs
  • updated the handling of new IMs in pipes to avoid merging
  • recreation of all layout-functions to resolve a bug (see blog for more info)


  • Groupnotice got a header for the groupname
  • After send the new groupnotice is added to the list without reload


After days of testing and searching the net it seems this line:


is causing all the troubles with the IM function. There are several questions on developers forums (dated 2016!) with no reply from Xamarin/Microsoft.

While this line works in map-chat and group-chat it DOESN´T work for IMs ….

To show how tricky it is for developers to find bugs they cannot reproduce. This is the bug report with the only hints whats wrong:

0   CoreFoundation                0x18420f164 __exceptionPreprocess + 124 (NSException.m:166)0   CoreFoundation                0x18420f164 __exceptionPreprocess + 124 (NSException.m:166)1   libobjc.A.dylib                0x183458528 objc_exception_throw + 56 (   Foundation                    0x184d2baa4 -[NSLayoutConstraintParser failWithDescription:] + 252 (NSLayoutConstraint.m:2932)3   Foundation                    0x184b52934 -[NSLayoutConstraintParser parse] + 420

Of course there is no explanation where in 1000s of lines of code the bug happens and why it happens.

Even more weird is that this bug only affects a small part of the MetaChat users.

Thanks all for using MetaChat and thanks for your patience if you got hit by that.

Next update and the IM drama

Another week went by checking only this part of the code, reworking parts, rewriting functions, adding error catching, comparing to the code used in other viewers …

The truth is : No software is bug free

The upcoming update will be for now the last attempt to fix the IM problem some users have.

Why ?

  • Each and every single line is using error catching (slowing down the app)
  • 5 beta-testers with different devices (iPhone 5 up to iPhoneX and iPad air up to iPad Pro 2nd gen) NEVER received a crash using IMs
  • the time spend forcing to receive this bug without any luck tells me i cannot reproduce this error and so have no chance to find the cause
  • 2 trained developers checked the source code and could not find a single line to cause a crash, all both guessed where connection or server problems not sending a full message to MetaChat
  • no one at apple ever received this crash during their app testing before approval
  • the whole process of improving MetaChat and adding new features was stopped because of this and making the app odd for all users without problems.

But i still cannot use IMs

Second Life is a multi-server environment with 1000s of servers with at least 2 different software versions running.

It sometimes has massive problems using the original viewer on a high-end desktop PC. Just check the forums about dozens of threads asking for help

If you own a MacBook or Apple PC use the original viewer and see how buggy, laggy… this version of the client is. MetaChat cannot solve this problems.
I cannot stay logged in for more than 10 minutes on my MacBook while others stay on for hours.

What else could it be i got hit by this bug ?

Read the blogs about problems connecting or using Second Life

  • Use a strong reliable network connection
  • Move to an empty sim (using a desktop viewer)
  • IM someone who is on the same Simulator
  • Let MetaChat fully, fully ! load your friendlist
  • Let MetaChat fully load your inventory (open the inventory type in xxx or whatever)
  • … and all the other steps mentioned there

Check if you have 3rd party apps on your device running in the background eating up your bandwidth (music streaming, downloading …, even chat apps can massive cut your bandwidth)

Is your device jailbroken ? (Ok than you might be out of luck, sorry i cannot test this)

If you are one of the users with this bug, please check your settings -> privacy and turn on sending error reports to developers. This way you can be sure this bug will never be ignored because i read all this reports.


Visual Studio/Xamarin !!! AGAIN !!!

The last Visual Studio/Xamarin broke the binary. After hours, it´s late nite quiet please, i found the cause why apple coulnd´t login.

This doesn´t happen on 32bit devices (the few that still stuck with me on iOS 10 stuff).

The checkbox “Generate overflow checks” somehow breaks the 64bit version. No idea how and why but disabling this and voila; it´s working.

Fingers crossed the update will be out soon.

  • RLVreceivce
  • IM fixes
  • Music fixes
  • Landmark search for teleport and some more including internal updates …

What´s up with the update?

Well for one week i´ve been trying to upload the new version with the IM fixes and other features but apple keeps rejecting them.

They did show great patience and tried it again and again.

Looks that the latest update for Microsoft Visual Studio broke the release settings.

It´s weekend so i have some spare time to google and see what´s ticking !

Rejected ! The reason is kinda funny

The apple tester rejected the app because he couldn´t log-in. The message was that the app cannot connect to the sim.

If he tested the app the day i uploaded it and NOT a whole day later there wouldn´t been grid-wide restarts.

I knew the testing is rough but that they only try to login one time ….

Ok, next round but it takes another day till apple workers will touch it. Stay tuned.

Update 1.2.22 waiting for approval

What´s new and where are the problems

bug fixing and overall improvements.


  • added error handling
  • added new IM protocol

RLVreceivce (new setting)

first implementation of RLVreceivce (RestraintLove)(user feature)
right now only the chat commands are implemented (sit, stand …)

Do´s and Dont´s


There is still a problem with the handling of tables but now a lot of error catching routines should prevent the app from crash.

RLV is not fully implemented, everything that needs a HUD cannot work. But if you are wearing an RLV device (and enabled the setting) others can make you sit, walk, kneel …


Because SL now uses JPEG2000, a file format hardly used by any other software, some textures won´t be visible to others. IOs does not support the handling of JPEG2000, the images can be loaded but not converted.


Even the LL viewer and Firestorm (c) viewer are experiencing problems when teleporting. Sometimes after teleporting the avatar is stuck in position. Only a relog can clear this.

Stay online when the app is in background (next version!)

Yes i´m still working on it but Apple is not very cooperative on this. However there is a way you can accept a call, write a message, read an email…. short things while the app stays in background. YOU CANNOT RECEIVE MESSAGES DURING THAT TIME, but at least the app stays online and after switching to foreground all should be back.
This feature is not yet implemented because i need to know the time SL servers can be tricked into wait for a response.

Thank you all for your reports and patience waiting for the updates and bug fixes.