Update 1.2.9001 waiting for approval

Because of some reports about new versions are worse than older i rolled back the network code.

What´s new/updated

  • group chat replace /me with name
    somehow missed that till now
  • cleared problem in IMs send from attached objects to itself
    they are shown in open-chat
  • fixed problem server not sending “stop typing” message
    sometimes the … kept animating forever
  • IMs from objects show Object name instead of ???
    See the objects name to locate/block it
  • rolled back network code for more stability
    set connection to sleep after sending some packets and wait for a server response, looks the SL servers are slower than mobile network cards
  • Badge counter for new messages moved from timers to events
    this should increase the overall speed and remove the pressure on CPUs
  • Friend management (adding removing invite) – updated
    more like the original client now

next Update

There are some reports about random crashes since the latest update and devices heating up.

About the crashes, i will rollback little changes to the network code. It looks iPhones do not like fast network transactions ?

Apple says: Since iOS 11 it is normal behaviour that random devices heat up using random apps. If the temperatures are too high the device will shutdown to not take any damage.
Temperatures around 40° Celsius are “normal” because the CPU and network parts are passively cooled and turn hot on “use”.

Please understand that the heat problem is iOS wise and not the apps fault. Developers cannot control why or when this happens.

Now, when is roll out? Checking the “bad” code that tends to crash on a few devices without a crash log send to me is – check line by line and compare to old code.

Hopefully this weekend the update is ready for approval because during christmas season my time is very limited.

App crashes or forced logout

If you encounter frequent crashes please keep in mind that running an SL client far below the minimum system requirements cannot work better than the original client (and after more than 10 years on SL the LL client never worked flawless)

MetaChat has to process a massive amount of data and SL network code is very old and was never officially ported to iOS.

Quick troubleshooting:

Please use wireless LAN (3G, 4G, LTE …. mobile connections have massive packet loss and are not designed for lossless connection; the app might work but sure not perfect)

Allow the app to fully load on start

Do not switch rapidly between the different tabs. Open a tab starts lots of network processing that will completing even if you select another tab.

You can select the “mobile mode” to stop loading pictures and bigger files when your network is slow.

Please check the SL blog for problems connecting to the network or troubleshooting your connection. (Login on an empty sim …)
Check the current grid status and do not use streaming apps when using MetaChat.

Before releasing an update the app runs 12 hours on 2 devices and only if it pass the update will be released.
No app is bug free and working on the code never stopped.

To help in tracing bugs please allow “send crash reports to apple” this is the only way to see where and when the app crashes.
For the latest update i only received three! crash reports where 2 of come from users force closed the app (not really a bug and not recommended by apple).

Update 1.2.9000 ready for approval

  • unread MapChat count shown with a badge number
  • accept animation invites from attached huds (huggers, getclose hud…)
    If someone invites you to a hug you receive the “accept/decline” message
    (Because of iOS limitations not all related messages can be displayed)
  • chats now saved on the fly in SQL Database
    if the app crashes or the connection breaks up, all unread chats will be loaded next start (IM; Group; Map)
  • Manage Chat History (IM): are displayed grouped by names
  • Manage Chat History (IM): can be send as plain text in email
  • old chat-logs are converted at login
  • Map: fixed a problem with display of NearMe Avatars
  • fixed a problem with not showing BadgeNumbers for messages after multiple logins
  • Updated the whole code to iOS 12 for more speed stability, reworking all used libraries and frameworks

Minimum required iOS = iOS 11

That´s not the end – look out for more updates ….

Test 1 2 3

Testing on real devices under very rough conditions did show that the network code could still be more stable and faster responding.

Because the app “overall” runs good i decided to not release this code and rather dive into the libraries (written by others) to update the code.

At least the new store chat logs functions, using SQL database, seems to work pretty well.

Just a few more days – no not Xmas – and the new release is ready for release.


Comicbook readers know what this line means.

On the journey to bring the app from 2007 to 2018 (soon 2019) i´ve spend the last 2 weeks updating libraries and couldn´t get the app run on real devices.

Days and days of reading, chats and digging through old bug-tickets led to the conclusion. Two fairly new libs do not work together. Know bug for ages but no one cares about.

Anyway, today i found a workaround and now the app is again more robust and fast than before. About 80 % of the code are now up-to-date – unlike the original viewer.

If testing goes well the next update will be out in a week. Stay tuned.