Test 1 2 3

Testing on real devices under very rough conditions did show that the network code could still be more stable and faster responding.

Because the app “overall” runs good i decided to not release this code and rather dive into the libraries (written by others) to update the code.

At least the new store chat logs functions, using SQL database, seems to work pretty well.

Just a few more days – no not Xmas – and the new release is ready for release.



Comicbook readers know what this line means.

On the journey to bring the app from 2007 to 2018 (soon 2019) i´ve spend the last 2 weeks updating libraries and couldn´t get the app run on real devices.

Days and days of reading, chats and digging through old bug-tickets led to the conclusion. Two fairly new libs do not work together. Know bug for ages but no one cares about.

Anyway, today i found a workaround and now the app is again more robust and fast than before. About 80 % of the code are now up-to-date – unlike the original viewer.

If testing goes well the next update will be out in a week. Stay tuned.

Next update status ?

Just to keep you up-to-date.

The next update takes some more time but it´s in the works.

Storing chats on-the-fly to prevent losing messages when the app crashes or you get disconnected needs deep in-code changes.

Additional there will be an increase in speed and decrease in memory usage what makes the app more reliable and responsive.

All this improvements need very careful testing on real devices under good and bad conditions to not release unfinished stuff.

Status message

The last update was bit of troubles and drama but now back to usual buisness.

Next update should have SQL for storing chat-logs on the fly. Even if the app crashes or you will be forced to log out all logs should be safe.

Because the network code has to be updated and optimized no release date is fixed but i´m working on.

If you have any problems or ideas how to make things better (guess the dark mode needs some updates) feel free to leave a message. Any user input is very appreciated.



All the small things…

15th October: small update for the update

Apple rejected the update because one library doesn´t work on 64bit only devices. Xamarin doesn´t want to compile this library as 64bit only.

Will keep you up-to-date how to problem will be solved.

Dark mode did not make it easy. All the small things like buttons and text colours, contrast of UI elements, dozens of forms/pages …

Update 1.2.8010 ready for approval

Dark Mode: only available on start-screen

Below the “Add Account” button there is a little sun or moon. Tap on to switch from normal to dark mode.


Please let me know if i missed something or simply if you have any improvements.

EXTERNAL KEYBOARD: press return to send chat or start chat

If you have an external keyboard connected simply press return to enter the chat bar and/or send a message. This works even if the keyboard is visible.

removed AVIUNITE from default grid list -> dead

updated timer handling

Work work work

Dark Mode

This is more work than planned. Every single UI Element needs to be touched and tested because iOS does not offer assistance on this.

Update delayed

A bug in iOS 12 (XCode, Xamarin) made the chat bubbles look like funny clouds and took me ages to recognise its not my fault, i just had to wait for Apple and Microsoft to fix it.

Chat History

After some emails about lost chats its time to explain how chat history works.

All unread IMs are stored on logout. Chat history is stored when you leave an IM. Because logs are stored as text-files (for easier backup and handling) they cannot be updated continuously.

If the app crashes, your battery runs flat or the phone reboots, the current chats are lost.

In a future update chat logs may be stored in an SQL database to keep on-the-fly track of all messages, this is impossible with text files.


iOS 12 is here and

well we will get one or another update for the update but it´s time for testing the compatibility.

Mac OSX received a dark mode what looks like a bright new feature, not for me..

While translation is on its way the next update will focus on a dark mode (black/white).