next update . . .coming soon

little update about the update

Microsoft announced the release of an updated VS version on the 3rd of April. Apple forced all developers to use the iOS 12 SDK starting march 2019.
This 2 issues made me wait until end of current week.

The next update is delayed because the whole event system has to be updated. Right now events are called too often what delays the processing of server-messages.

This will improve speed and stability, especially for IMs but too for MapChat and Group IM.

Other features (mostly users wanted)
One user feature – tapping a dot on the minimap to get the avatars name – won´t make it into the next update because of all the different screens devices can have.

– removed InWorldz from the default grid list
– problem with privacy text selection cleared (USER REPORTED)

– in all chat windows you can now pinch zoom (two fingers move) text (reset is leave chat and enter again)

– problem with “show avatars near me” when tapping the topbar in mapchat, cleared

– settings: change if you do not want notices/alarms while in background (USER FEATURE REQUEST)


upcoming …

Next version updates (mostly features users asked for)

  • Map: tap on a dot to see name and distance
  • remove Inworldz from grid-list (sadly another one has gone)
  • option to make texts bigger
  • option to not receive notifications while in background

While OpenGrid still uses XML-RPC for login protocols, SL has moved to LLSD. The next version will have some missing functions in the LLSD implementation. Nothing you as a user will recognise, simply updates to be future-proof.

A long wanted feature is to interact with things but Apples plan to drop OpenGL – and the whole SL architecture relates on GL – makes it impossible to announce a timeline.

1.2.9102 ready for approval


  • conference chats with non-friends in, fixed
  • fixed a crash that new IMs could sometimes crash the app

Overall code updates without changing any functions, to improve speed and stability



a new feature (user request) is – in the works –
do not receive group IMs

This needs some research on the original viewer source code but i´m working on

Oups … bug

UPDATE: 24th February
This bug was nasty. Today i thought i found the solution but now SL acts up and won´t let me login. Testing with Firestorm and the original viewer – i cannot login too; so i call it a day and try tomorrow.
If the testing goes well the update will be released soon.

A user reported that the app crashes on conference chats.

Testing didn´t show any problem until i tried to invite a non-friend to the conference.

All testing is useless without the great help of users testing all the possible and impossible.

If you encounter a conference that crashes the app please just leave it untouched. The next update will address this issue.

Update 1.2.9101 on route

Only a few tests left before the release. Here´s whats new or updated.


  • if not loaded pull-down-to-refresh to query server again
    (if that doesn´t load the list the server refuses to send it and only a relog helps)
  • load offline friend invites on startup


  • activate a group tag and select role (from all available)
  • fixed a rare crash when loading the group founder name

removed functions and variables that are no longer needed to increase overall speed – another update to the network code to make it more 2019

You still cannot log in via VPN (virtual private network) connections and virus apps limit the network too much.
Do not use apps that makes heavy use of network – like streaming, downloading … – while using MetaChat

Insights – To whom it may concern

After receiving some very critical mails i justed wanted to shed some light on how this app is made.

The biggest problem with crashes come from network speed and packet loss. A quick search on google for XML-RPC will show that this protocol is “ancient” and not widely supported nor used (or documented).

No, i´m not only developing on an iPhone X .
The (test)devices are: iPhone X (latest beta), iPad air, iPhone 5s.
Until apple forced developers to use a modern device, i used an iPhone 5. But now all apps have to work with the notch.
Releasing the latest update the app-tester told me that my iPhone X isn´t really an up-to-date device !

Before releasing the app to be tested by apple, eiher the iPhoneX or the iPad air stays logged in at least 24+ hours (on a charger oc).

Let´s talk about money.

From every 1 €, apple takes 33 %.
66 cent left – 23 % income tax = around 50 cent per € is my share.
Apple developer membership = 100 €/year
2500 € for a MacBook because u need a MAC to develop iOS apps.

The MacBook only has 250 GB SD. The macOS takes 115 GB and the developer IDE around 80. With the sourcecode and the former versions usually there are 7- 10 GB free.
This renders the MacBook useless for anything else.

This is a 100 % pure hobbyist project made by 1 person (not a trained software. The development and updating process takes a minimum of 3 hours a day (7 days a week). So i had to drop all my SL jobs on and all my SL friends.

Enough whining the next update won´t have big new features but some optimizations for the overall stability and speed.

Update 1.2.9100 ready for approval

MetaChat can now run in the background BUT !

  • If the device goes to sleep iOS cuts the connection – you will be logged out
  • background mode is available for 3 seconds to 3 minutes, only the OS decide how much time you get – if the time is up – you will be logged out
  • after the “15 seconds” message open the app again – or you …. well you know

This background mode is all in the hands of the iOS but at least gives you time to quick check something or send a message, mail …

For this to work you must allow MetaChat to send you notifications.

In “settings” you can enable/disable a badge counter showing for messages received during background mode.

Be aware that even in the background MetaChat needs a stable connection and some battery.

Code stability

I got some messages about code not being stable, crashes and other non working stuff.

Please check the official forum and see how many troubles people have with the Linden Viewer. MetaChat cannot solve SLs problems.

If the server is unstable, your connection has packet-drop or hick-ups, changing mobile cell or or or this is not the apps fault.

This version has run on my iPhone X for over 60 hours (on a charger of course) without a single problem or crash.

The apps code is very stable and passes lots of high-end tests before updates are released.

Device heats up

Apps like MetaChat that uses some battery are known for that behaviour because iDevices are passiv cooled (no fans) and thats normal. iDevices cannot break about this because they simply shut down before overheating.

Thats it for now. More updates for 2019 are coming.