The app crashes on start

All apps are thoroughly tested by apple on real devices. If the app doesn´t start after install or update, it is your device.

But don´t give up. Usually a complete restart of the device fixes this (memory) issue.

Do not delete the app and try to re-install. This is of course free but all your account-data and saved chats are lost.

Why is the app keep crashing or logging me out ?

All grids need a stable, reliable and strong connection to their clients.
That´s why a LAN or at least a W-Lan connection to the internet is recommended.

If the connection breaks up for just a little time only the clients data are lost and you get logged out. This is to prevent e.g. inventory/money loss.

On apple devices there is a special case:
If the device goes into sleep mode (the screen goes dark) all connections are cut. This is to save battery and there is nothing legal app-developers can do. To prevent this you can set the app to keep the screen on (no sleep mode).
Pushing the app in the background disables this feature.

Why isn´t the app free ?

Two part answer.

Apple charges 100 $ a year to upload apps to the store, the only way to get apps to a not jailbreaked iOS device.
The first version took me over 6 months to compile run and be accepted by Apple (they have strict rules for apps being allowed).
With this in mind i think the price worth lesser than a breakfast is not greedy.

Make it free with commercial banners. Iek, no thanks i don´t like that and because the space on the screen is already too small – Nope.
In-app purchases: What to sell later ? No, pay once use forever commercial free was the way.

I have asked for a feature and it´s still not there

Some features are just a line of code others take a bit more. After implement, the whole app has to be tested on various devices then upload and approved by apple! This whole process can take a few days minimum, or worst case, a few weeks.
I promise no feature asked for will be forgotten or ignored. Impossible things will be mentioned on the blog.

Can i have it for free ?

NO, apple has very strict rules for apps. Even my family has to buy it from the store.

You have a blog or homepage about virtual worlds or apps or … and want to test it for a open review ?

Contact me over this webpage and we can discuss how you get a free version. However, apples rule, you need to install the app “testflight” and this gives free access for 28 days only. There are some things to discuss before you can be invited.

I want a grid on the default grid list

While i cannot put hundreds of grids on the default list, simply ask for your favourite ones and i do what i can.
Sorry, i cannot accept requests from users, you should be in the admin team so we can discuss the rules and maybe changes needed, before i run into lawsuits or whatever.