The app does not work, why ?

  • It does not work behind a VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • do not use a mobile virus software
  • do not download: updates, streaming music, video, youtube ….
    SL/OpenGrid needs 100% of your mobile network because SL/OpenGrid opens 24 connections and iDevices only have FOUR!
  • after pushing to the background there is a chance the app lost the connection
  • mobile networks (3G, 4G ….) are switching networks, SL/OpenGrid is not designed for this network – nothing the app can do about
  • some network providers do not allow steady connections, they simply cut off the network for milliseconds to disable this (SL/OpenGrid servers do not tolerate this)
  • if you have to use your mobile network, select “mobile mode” in settings, do not use RLv or streaming music
  • check if you have enough storage on your device for the cache and chat-logs
  • force close all other apps / reboot your device try again
  • check if the place you try to login is up and running (the app cannot move you to another sim if the selected is not running)
  • check if SL/OpenGrid is running at all
  • SL/OpenGrid is designed for 80 friends, 24 groups, not the current massive inventories lots of people have … everything beyond this puts a massive load on the network that leads to crashes
  • try to login another sim
  • login with your regular viewer, let your inventory load, check if the sim runs smooth and stable, logout and try the app again
  • if you have lots of messages waiting (not 10 or 20, i´m talking about 50+,  be aware of the new limits for SL) this can lead to a crash, read your messages with a regular client first
  • apple forces developers to use the IPv6 internet protocol while SL only uses IPv4, all networks messages have to be translated
  • be patient on load the app, wait till all friends are loaded before switching to another tab
  • to do rush switching between tabs, because of the limited hardware the app has to cache store/load lots of information between tasks

The app is tested on Edge (the slowest possible network available) but NOT if you “move” around and the network is switching – the SL/OpenGrid servers simply do not allow this

Most of the problems come from unstable connections. Be aware that SL/OpenGrid is “technically” an PC – MMORPG, designed for desktops with wired connections. This is needed to avoid money, inventory, friends … loss.