OMG – finally

Finally Version 1.2.9116 was approved by apple and is ready for update/sale.

This was a bumpy ride but with some help and understanding at apples side we managed to solve all problems concerning release.

IMPORTANT: Do not try login to SL/Opengrid using a VPN.

In this version the app checks if your TCP and UDP connection works with the SL servers BEFORE you try to login.

Fixed: background message settings were not saved in cloud

Fixed: message counter not shown because of cloud bug

Friendlist: using apple event handler to fetch friends -> faster and stable

Accounts and settings can be uploaded to iCloud and used across all your devices

All chats: fixed crash when messages coming in too fast (known issue even with older SL viewers)

Fixed: typing indicator didn´t work sometimes

MAP: teleport/walk to- works more reliable

And lots more updates/add-ons and fixes…

Thanks for your patience and be ready for more updates !