Update 1.2.9104

This update contains bug-fixes for the group-notice-counter and friend list loading

Most problems are connected to networking. SL servers want to open 24 http connections to the clients. iOS devices can only handle 4 (four) connections. Thus all conversation between the app and servers have to be throttled and queued. If you use other applications like streaming music, video, downloading, updating …. you may encounter random log outs.

This is simply a hardware restriction for mobile devices and no app bug.

Sorry for the problems with group-chat-counters. This was due to reconfigure the way chats are stored in the SQL database and a bug in MySQL didn´t like this changes.
Until MySQL updates the save/load handling we use a workaround.


  • loading friendlist set waittime from 60 seconds to 100 for slower connections


  • waittime for UUID set from 10 to 30 seconds for slower connections


  • count of unread IMs calculated wrong while in GroupsView, resolved


  • timing for typing start/stop adjusted