Update 1.2.9001 waiting for approval

Because of some reports about new versions are worse than older i rolled back the network code.

What´s new/updated

  • group chat replace /me with name
    somehow missed that till now
  • cleared problem in IMs send from attached objects to itself
    they are shown in open-chat
  • fixed problem server not sending “stop typing” message
    sometimes the … kept animating forever
  • IMs from objects show Object name instead of ???
    See the objects name to locate/block it
  • rolled back network code for more stability
    set connection to sleep after sending some packets and wait for a server response, looks the SL servers are slower than mobile network cards
  • Badge counter for new messages moved from timers to events
    this should increase the overall speed and remove the pressure on CPUs
  • Friend management (adding removing invite) – updated
    more like the original client now