next Update

There are some reports about random crashes since the latest update and devices heating up.

About the crashes, i will rollback little changes to the network code. It looks iPhones do not like fast network transactions ?

Apple says: Since iOS 11 it is normal behaviour that random devices heat up using random apps. If the temperatures are too high the device will shutdown to not take any damage.
Temperatures around 40° Celsius are “normal” because the CPU and network parts are passively cooled and turn hot on “use”.

Please understand that the heat problem is iOS wise and not the apps fault. Developers cannot control why or when this happens.

Now, when is roll out? Checking the “bad” code that tends to crash on a few devices without a crash log send to me is – check line by line and compare to old code.

Hopefully this weekend the update is ready for approval because during christmas season my time is very limited.