App crashes or forced logout

If you encounter frequent crashes please keep in mind that running an SL client far below the minimum system requirements cannot work better than the original client (and after more than 10 years on SL the LL client never worked flawless)

MetaChat has to process a massive amount of data and SL network code is very old and was never officially ported to iOS.

Quick troubleshooting:

Please use wireless LAN (3G, 4G, LTE …. mobile connections have massive packet loss and are not designed for lossless connection; the app might work but sure not perfect)

Allow the app to fully load on start

Do not switch rapidly between the different tabs. Open a tab starts lots of network processing that will completing even if you select another tab.

You can select the “mobile mode” to stop loading pictures and bigger files when your network is slow.

Please check the SL blog for problems connecting to the network or troubleshooting your connection. (Login on an empty sim …)
Check the current grid status and do not use streaming apps when using MetaChat.

Before releasing an update the app runs 12 hours on 2 devices and only if it pass the update will be released.
No app is bug free and working on the code never stopped.

To help in tracing bugs please allow “send crash reports to apple” this is the only way to see where and when the app crashes.
For the latest update i only received three! crash reports where 2 of come from users force closed the app (not really a bug and not recommended by apple).