Update 1.2.9000 ready for approval

  • unread MapChat count shown with a badge number
  • accept animation invites from attached huds (huggers, getclose hud…)
    If someone invites you to a hug you receive the “accept/decline” message
    (Because of iOS limitations not all related messages can be displayed)
  • chats now saved on the fly in SQL Database
    if the app crashes or the connection breaks up, all unread chats will be loaded next start (IM; Group; Map)
  • Manage Chat History (IM): are displayed grouped by names
  • Manage Chat History (IM): can be send as plain text in email
  • old chat-logs are converted at login
  • Map: fixed a problem with display of NearMe Avatars
  • fixed a problem with not showing BadgeNumbers for messages after multiple logins
  • Updated the whole code to iOS 12 for more speed stability, reworking all used libraries and frameworks

Minimum required iOS = iOS 11

That´s not the end – look out for more updates ….