No updates for now

You might have read that the allmighty god of apps (short: apple) has swung the ban hammer on dozens of apps for “violating the gambing rules with apps from indipendent developers” and MetaChat was hit by this too.

Indie developers: Steve Jobs was one, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg … got the hint apple ?

The app was removed from the app-store and i have no access to update it for now.

48 hours later there is still no response to my enquiries/objections …

They seem to used an automated process to ban all apps that enable users to access the internet (chrome, safari and others where ignored of course). Not related to gambling but hey, who cares.

This new rule was introduced on 9. August and applied without a warning to developers.

Think about if your grocery store changes a running contract and for the money payed you only get half the goods ordered ! No way that would happen, but internet days changed how customer rights are treated (or kicked in the a..)

Anyway, long story short: Maybe apple listens to my prayers and release the app.

If you have the app installed, you can use it ! There is no security risk or any risk you get into troubles for gambling: gambling is prohibited in Second Life and OpenSim!