Update between the updates

It seems, i´m not fully convinced, the IM problem is solved.
Without being too techincal, there is a problem with the layout constraints in Xamarin and XCode.

What´s on the to do list ?

  • show/use display names (user feature)
  • bug with using one avatar on multiple grids mix up the chat history
  • show the chat-logs inside the app (user feature)
  • show “near me” avatars (user feature) – not sure how but we will see
  • under the hood changes for more speed and reliability, as always

Bear with me because right now, work, health and a silly internet provider that thinks after 10 PM no one would use the internet and they can do updates and changes (every night) makes it hard to even go online and work on whatever.

Little note to all new users

If you cannot login because the app says your credentials are wrong, they are wrong. Maybe your password is longer than 16 characters ? Well SL only accepts password between 8-16 character no matter if you could create your account with more chars.

If you get a login failed, please wait a few minutes and try again. This is a server message i can do nothing about. All i get testing is “login failed” the server doesn´t tell me why.
Because the login protocol is fixed i cannot play with it.
Go to the second life blog and see what they provide as a fix.

No, the app still cannot run in the background. I tried to pause the connection but the SL servers simply ignore that and still keep bugging the client with pings.