New update ready for approval

Doubled, not received or delayed messages are an old/known server-side issue

A small group of users having problems using IMs (less than 2 %). At the moment there are several reports about issues with IMs and teleports around the SL grid.

Please set off all apps running in the background using your internet connection. Especially downloading/streaming music or apps, documents can use all the available ports on mobile devices. SL is a very hardware hungry environment !

Be aware that MetaChat cannot correct bugs made by the servers or caused by the use of non-supported viewers, sending unsupported characters, append items to messages or the use of jailbroken devices.

Under the hood changes for more stability and speed

  • adjust cache size to free device storage
  • adjust max concurrent network connections to device network


  • updated RLVreceive functions


  • more error-catching routines for: empty, wrong delivered or extended IMs
  • updated the handling of new IMs in pipes to avoid merging
  • recreation of all layout-functions to resolve a bug (see blog for more info)


  • Groupnotice got a header for the groupname
  • After send the new groupnotice is added to the list without reload