After days of testing and searching the net it seems this line:


is causing all the troubles with the IM function. There are several questions on developers forums (dated 2016!) with no reply from Xamarin/Microsoft.

While this line works in map-chat and group-chat it DOESN´T work for IMs ….

To show how tricky it is for developers to find bugs they cannot reproduce. This is the bug report with the only hints whats wrong:

0   CoreFoundation                0x18420f164 __exceptionPreprocess + 124 (NSException.m:166)0   CoreFoundation                0x18420f164 __exceptionPreprocess + 124 (NSException.m:166)1   libobjc.A.dylib                0x183458528 objc_exception_throw + 56 (   Foundation                    0x184d2baa4 -[NSLayoutConstraintParser failWithDescription:] + 252 (NSLayoutConstraint.m:2932)3   Foundation                    0x184b52934 -[NSLayoutConstraintParser parse] + 420

Of course there is no explanation where in 1000s of lines of code the bug happens and why it happens.

Even more weird is that this bug only affects a small part of the MetaChat users.

Thanks all for using MetaChat and thanks for your patience if you got hit by that.