Next update and the IM drama

Another week went by checking only this part of the code, reworking parts, rewriting functions, adding error catching, comparing to the code used in other viewers …

The truth is : No software is bug free

The upcoming update will be for now the last attempt to fix the IM problem some users have.

Why ?

  • Each and every single line is using error catching (slowing down the app)
  • 5 beta-testers with different devices (iPhone 5 up to iPhoneX and iPad air up to iPad Pro 2nd gen) NEVER received a crash using IMs
  • the time spend forcing to receive this bug without any luck tells me i cannot reproduce this error and so have no chance to find the cause
  • 2 trained developers checked the source code and could not find a single line to cause a crash, all both guessed where connection or server problems not sending a full message to MetaChat
  • no one at apple ever received this crash during their app testing before approval
  • the whole process of improving MetaChat and adding new features was stopped because of this and making the app odd for all users without problems.

But i still cannot use IMs

Second Life is a multi-server environment with 1000s of servers with at least 2 different software versions running.

It sometimes has massive problems using the original viewer on a high-end desktop PC. Just check the forums about dozens of threads asking for help

If you own a MacBook or Apple PC use the original viewer and see how buggy, laggy… this version of the client is. MetaChat cannot solve this problems.
I cannot stay logged in for more than 10 minutes on my MacBook while others stay on for hours.

What else could it be i got hit by this bug ?

Read the blogs about problems connecting or using Second Life

  • Use a strong reliable network connection
  • Move to an empty sim (using a desktop viewer)
  • IM someone who is on the same Simulator
  • Let MetaChat fully, fully ! load your friendlist
  • Let MetaChat fully load your inventory (open the inventory type in xxx or whatever)
  • … and all the other steps mentioned there

Check if you have 3rd party apps on your device running in the background eating up your bandwidth (music streaming, downloading …, even chat apps can massive cut your bandwidth)

Is your device jailbroken ? (Ok than you might be out of luck, sorry i cannot test this)

If you are one of the users with this bug, please check your settings -> privacy and turn on sending error reports to developers. This way you can be sure this bug will never be ignored because i read all this reports.