Update 1.2.22 waiting for approval

What´s new and where are the problems

bug fixing and overall improvements.


  • added error handling
  • added new IM protocol

RLVreceivce (new setting)

first implementation of RLVreceivce (RestraintLove)(user feature)
right now only the chat commands are implemented (sit, stand …)

Do´s and Dont´s


There is still a problem with the handling of tables but now a lot of error catching routines should prevent the app from crash.

RLV is not fully implemented, everything that needs a HUD cannot work. But if you are wearing an RLV device (and enabled the setting) others can make you sit, walk, kneel …


Because SL now uses JPEG2000, a file format hardly used by any other software, some textures won´t be visible to others. IOs does not support the handling of JPEG2000, the images can be loaded but not converted.


Even the LL viewer and Firestorm (c) viewer are experiencing problems when teleporting. Sometimes after teleporting the avatar is stuck in position. Only a relog can clear this.

Stay online when the app is in background (next version!)

Yes i´m still working on it but Apple is not very cooperative on this. However there is a way you can accept a call, write a message, read an email…. short things while the app stays in background. YOU CANNOT RECEIVE MESSAGES DURING THAT TIME, but at least the app stays online and after switching to foreground all should be back.
This feature is not yet implemented because i need to know the time SL servers can be tricked into wait for a response.

Thank you all for your reports and patience waiting for the updates and bug fixes.