The annoying IM bug

Yes it is still there. Some users report that they cannot use the IM function.

All my tests on several devices with 5 different accounts and IM cap never shown any error or crash.

Checking all crash reports send from your devices, if you allowed apple to collect them, led to nothing.

Apple did never mention any problem, they would reject the app anyway.

A professional software developer, working for Micros…, checked the source tested the app on his iPhone X, iPad pro, iPhone 6s plus and couldn´t trace any problem.

BUT: I want the app to work for all users.

Next step will be checking each and every single line of code, adding error functions, catch blocks and more. Hopefully this will either catch the bug (and smash it) or just make it work.

Of course this will block the implementation of all new functions to not add new bugs to the old.

I´m sorry for the troubles some of you have and promise to keep working on this problem!