To all users in BRAZIL

Today a user informed me that the app is not available on the app store in Brazil.

That was kind of surprising to me because it´s selected to be sold world-wide.

A survey on the net only gave me the text below.

Maybe the switch between the currencies caused a bug ?

I have contacted the iTunes team and now awaiting an answer.


Starting in early 2018, Apple users in Brazil will pay for purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks Store using the Brazilian real instead of the dollar. The Brazilian real will also be used for Apple Music subscriptions and iCloud storage charges.

Apple began notifying users about the change in emails that were sent out today. Once the currency change happens, all new purchases and subscriptions will be charged in reais rather than dollars.

Since the iTunes Store became available in Brazil in 2011, customers have been required to pay in dollars using an international credit or debit card payment.

At one point, the Brazilian government looked into Apple’s payment scheme, leading to speculation at the time that Apple was using dollars instead of reais to avoid software taxes that would negatively impact developers.