Version 1.2.21 ready for approval

Thank you all for the reports.

The big problem with IMs are hopefully history now.

I didn´t receive assistance from Microsoft after 1,5 weeks so now it´s error catching and forwarding; the old style.

What´s new ?

  • overall modifications to work with framework update and increase speed and stability


  • new update IM-list functions
  • fixed a BUG when opening IM (user reported) HOPEFULLY!
  • play a system-sound when receiving new IM


  • sort groups by names
  • groups with IMs put on top
  • group notice – save attachment to inventory in corresponding folder


  • invite/decline/accept buttons go back to friendlist after tap


  • changed loading routine for more security on bad connections
  • friend invite is back to show a selection-box
  • load displaynames even friendlist counts more than 90

Please keep reporting issues to make MetaChat works better and dont forget to add the grid used and the device !