Update 1.2.2 waiting for approval

This mean chat bug that made MetaChat sometimes crash when receiving messages should be cleared.

Nasty thing it required to rewrite the whole messaging code for open, IM and group chats.

The UI scaling was adjusted but if you still feel unhappy with, just send me a message and do not forget to add the device!

Admin messages like “sim restarts” are added.

scripted objects now show their dialog box and you can select a function (HUDs are impossible to decode)

IM – search for avatar now again search for parts of full avatar names and the useless use button is removed

Streams change when teleporting, for now they do not change when walk into a new parcel.

Especially for the chat update and any other problem you might encounter please send a report and describe your problem. (Add the device you are using, this is important)