New Version is out and …

UI scale

Some people complained that the new UI is way too big to handle, especially on iPads.

Well – you are right – maybe simple scale things to screen size isn´t the way to go and it needs some tweaking.

This will be some work because apple don´t want us to know what device is used, all i get is iPhone or iPad.

Send me your opinion about your device. Please state exactly which device is used and why/what about the UI-scaling you do not like. (iPhone isn´t enough iPhone 5, 5s, SE… !!!)

To all users that cannot log in.

If you get the message that your credentials are wrong, this is a server message and not related to MetaChat. I will try to assist you but please check your credentials.

  • Do not use Display-names.
  • Upper/Lowercase
  • No space allowed
  • Passwords can only be between 6 – 18 characters even the Homepage let you create accounts with longer passwords
  • Try to login in with your regular viewer but TYPE in the password, maybe you realise that you changed it long ago and forgot because always use the auto-fill.