The end of the year 2017

Hello, hope you all enjoy the last days of 2017 maybe with a break from work.

The 2 days off work gave me the chance to work on the UI updates.

All buttons, texts, pictures are set to scale with the device screen size. This results, on bigger devices, in a much easier readability and usability.

The next update will only contain this fixes because touching every element and testing it on all available devices took enough time and i didn´t want to improve old bugs or add new ones with too much fiddling around the code.

The next-next update will bring more user asked features like IM people from their profile.

Stay online when MetaChat is in background is still a most wanted thing but the implementation, in a way apple would accept it, will be tricky and needs more testing.

Hope you have a good start into 2018 wherever and whenever.