emails and what´s up


All emails will be answered but yahoo isn´t willing to add an MX header so all mails to 1&1 and GMX go into the endless wires of the internet. Sorry but nothing i can do about.

What´s up ?

Some people asked to stay online while the app is in background. I always had to tell them, iOS is no real multitasking operation system. Apps send to background are put into a suspended state (they really just stop work) and all connections are lost.

BUT ! Working on a version that, if apple trust my words, that will stay online if you play a parcel-stream. Maybe not in the next release but later, i will add a setting to automatically mute music when the app is in background.

This means, if you activate parcel media and a stream is played, MetaChat stays online even if the app goes to background or the screen goes off.

If the sim you are on does not have a media-stream, you cannot use this “trick”.

All good things have a bad side: This will eat up your battery and if you are not on your home-wlan, the data plan of your mobile device.