Version 1.0.8 waiting for approval

Thanks to some users helping us getting things straight.

There was one bug with non-latin keyboards reported just minutes before sending this version to apple.

With ASCII keyboards apple doesn´t support for example russian language. We could find a way to avoid this limitation and in this version russian, japanese …. language symbols should be available in chat.

Whats new ?

complete rework of the chat interface:
-incoming text is right bound / outgoing left
-space between messages for better reading

-cleared bug that kept users from using non-latin keyboards (reported bug)
-fixed small bugs and updated performance


– removed badge numbers for icons when app is in background/closed
– auto-logout fixed when app is put in background
– fixed display of L$-Balance when changed


– auto-save all unread IM messages on logout, reload and show after next login
– record a history of IM messages, can be loaded via the book icon in opened IMs (requested feature)
– delete history files (under managing chat history)
– green notification on top of screen if you receive a IM