There is always a … but

Grids are a real-time environment where the connection keeps sending and receiving data.


iOS is not a real multi-tasking operating system. It only allows apps to wake up for a short period to fetch data before they get suspended again.

What does this mean ?

MetaChat cannot! run in the background because the time windows it can grab from iOS are not reliable in time and on time.

When the app goes into background, e.g. by pressing the home button, you will be logged out and not receive any further notices.


The only way to keep users from losing messages is to save all IMs received before logging out and present them again after log in.

Group notices can be read in the group profile, notice history, but will not be presented again.

This will be done with the next version; plus removing the icon badge counter for new notices because it becomes useless.

We are sorry for this but trying to keep the app running  in the background, resulted in rejection by apple.